Helping Pets and Families Stay Together

Does your pet have an annoying or possibly a dangerous behavior problem? Would altering some aspect of that behavior make your pet easier or more enjoyable to live with?

Behavior problems, whether dangerous or just annoying and inconvenient, are one of the most common reasons why pets are surrendered to shelters, given away to other homes, abandoned, or euthanized. If you haven't found a way to resolve the issue, there is still hope.

What is a Veterinary Behavior Specialist?

That is a question we are asked often! In addition to being a veterinarian, behavior specialists must under go rigorous advanced training and 2-3 year residency (much like a human psychiatrist). They are certified by American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) and currently are only 50 ACVB diplomats in North America. [more]
Our goal is to help pets and families stay together through education and rehabilitation services.

Visit our Resources page for valuable information that will help you work with your pet's training and behaviorial issues.

Client Stories

From a young kitten, she often showed little tolerance for others. But she had not actively and aggressively stalked anyone. Something about our interaction one particular day caused her to snap. It was a day when the apple of my eye turned on me and began to behave aggressively and stalk me (and my friends...